26 July 2020

14. Bad Code Kills - Hiring Tech Talent with Jeremy Duvall

Today we are speaking with entrepreneur, speaker, software engineer, and founder of 7Factor Software, Jeremy Duvall. Jeremy believes that it’s both an art and a science when hiring technical talent.  He believes that good culture fit is essential within your company to create an environment where people can enjoy themselves yet still deliver desired results.

Let's dive into how Jeremy eliminated toxicity within his company’s culture to provide an enjoyable and safe work environment to helped introduce better software to our society.

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 06:28] Opening Segment

  • I introduce the guest, Jeremy Duvall, to the show
  • Jeremy talks about the important things they watch out for when hiring people
    • First and most important; Are you a cultural fit?
    • Talents and skill; Can you write code?

[06:29 – 18:32] The Toxic Subcultures in Start-Ups

  • Jeremy gives us his view of what he believes is toxicity in start-up companies
    • The idea of hustling creating the toxic idea that: If you don't work more hours, you don't care about the company
    • How having a 10X mentality can hurt engineers in the long run
  • Jeremy talks about how "hustling" can bring your team down
  • Jeremy weighs in on bringing your team to an equilibrium of speed, rather than hiring someone faster than everyone else
  • Jeremy talks about his article, Slowing Things Down in a 'Hurry-Up' Situation
  • The top three attributes on the soft skills side that Jeremy looks for when hiring
    • Trustworthy
    • Integrity
    • Grace

[18:33 – 21:51] Bad Code Kills

  • Jeremy walks us through poor or bad code causing issues in society
    • Instances where software bugs can cause physical harm
      • a software delivered 20 times the lethal dose of radiation to patients
      • A software issue in a hospital falsely declaring patients dead
  • Taking your discipline seriously

[21:52 – 25:37] Closing Segment

  • Bringing a well-rounded, well-implemented, well-thought-out healthcare IT system
    • Jeremy talks about WellEntry; the platform that 7Factor Software developed along side Athena Health to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases
    • Learn more at https://www.wellentryapp.com/
  • For more information about Jeremy and 7Factor Software. Be sure to check out the links below.
  • Final words from me.


Tweetable Quotes:

"If you can get everybody to work together, it's much better than having that one star player. If that one star player goes out or they take themselves out or whatever happens, you're left with kind of the ragtag team. But if you can get everybody up to that standard, then you can switch players in and out and the team isn't hurt because of it, and that feels more healthy than the alternative." – Natalie Born

"If you don't have grace and you're a leader, you're a very poor leader. Because without that you can't gain the trust of the people that work with you." - Jeremy Duvall


Resources mentioned in the episode:

You can connect with Jeremy on LinkedIn. Be sure to check out the awesome things 7Factor Software is up to on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook or visit their website https://www.7factor.io/.

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