21 May 2023
"It's possible to achieve both fulfilling career and happy life, and it's what I want for people. So, go for it. You deserve it." – Randi Roberts In this podcast
07 May 2023
"Experience transformation is the next frontier of digital transformation for companies." – Satyam Kantamneni In this podcast episode, Innovation Meets Leadership host Natalie Born talks to Satyam Kantamneni, Chief Experience
23 April 2023
"Facilitation is a key leadership skill." – Marsha Acker In this podcast episode, Innovation Meets Leadership host Natalie Born talks to Marsha Acker, a skilled facilitator can identify hidden dynamics
09 April 2023
"Our peace self in us knows that we are always loved, always learning. It's always a constant". – Amy Balog Looking to unlock your true potential as an innovator or
26 March 2023
“It's not only listening to the customer. It's really taking action, being proactive to talk to your customers, inviting them for specific interviews where the agenda is really to talk
12 March 2023
“"Don't take goal setting in your life too seriously. Goals are guideposts along the journey.” – Matteo Grassi In this episode of the podcast, Innovation Meets Leadership host Natalie Born
26 February 2023
“Look for the impact that you want to have, and then prioritize based on impact rather than market.” – Esther Gons In this episode, the founder and CEO of GroundControl,
12 February 2023
“A lot of skillsets you can teach, but the culture you can't.” - Marc Reifenrath Is a company’s culture critical to achieving and maintaining success? In this episode, the CEO
29 January 2023
“The more people you have thinking about the problem you're trying to solve, the further you're going to get as an organization.”  Are you adapting to digital transformation and continuous

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