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Co-created Strategic Innovation Session

The first step to becoming a company that disrupts the market is to get your team on the same page regarding the rules of engagement. The best way to do this is to co-create an innovation framework with the transformational leaders on your team. Our team will lead you through a two-day process to create this framework along with a final artifact that everyone will want to display as a reference. We find that shared language, shared ways of working, and shared frameworks accelerate the innovation process.

Collaboration Session:

1-2 Days


Strategic Innovation Framework with shared language and shared ways of working

Delivery Total Time:

3 - 4 Weeks

Product Strategy Session

Whether launching a new product or evolving an existing one, we have designed a process that enables you to evolve the product through design thinking principles. We will unearth the everyday brilliance that lies in your customer's problems by bringing those problems to the surface and exploring powerful ways to solve and productize those problems. We will co-create a strategic and tactical roadmaps for the year.

Strategy Session:

1-2 Days


Strategic and Tactical Product Roadmap

Delivery Total Time:

3 - 4 Weeks

Innovation Coaching Session

Using design thinking and agile principles, we will interactively move teams to outside the box thinking and generate new pathways to explore and expand ideas through empathy mapping, patterning, and design thinking best practices.

Innovative Session:

1-2 Days


Tools & Techniques for the Team

Keynote Speaking

Let’s talk about how to create award-winning products; it starts by having an incredible team. We will discuss the process to build products that matter from the ground up, how to navigate the competitive landscape, co-create with your customers, and launch your strategy. As we go through the highs and lows of innovation strategy, you will laugh, gain critical tools and leave inspired!

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Our team leverages proven solutions to create or advance your innovation process. Our practice is designed to put the customer at the center of all that you build. Disrupt yourself or your market, create products that matter, and launch your strategy like a pro. As you review our menu of services, please remember that we can customize a program specifically tailored to your needs.