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Our team leverages proven solutions to advance your leadership and innovation process. Disrupt yourself or your market, create products that matter, and launch your strategy like a pro. 

Contact me via the speaking form below to receive a list of topics that I speak about in the innovation and leadership space.


Example Topics: 

- What Kills Innovation 

- The 3 Leadership Wars We Must Face and Win 

- The Power of Body Language 


Speaking Testimonials:

"Writing a testimonial for Natalie Born is effortless. It was clear that Natalie took time to learn about our association and its members prior to her presentation as she flawlessly tailored her presentation to meet the needs of our members. She was captivating and made our members feel at ease, which was evident by the way they interacted with her when appropriate. I would highly recommend Natalie to any company or organization that is looking to bring in a professional to spearhead a discussion on innovation in the workplace."

‍- Kimberly Campuzano, Director of Corporate Engagement, Club Management Association of America 


Natalie is now a Principal consultant at Arch and Tower, a dynamic consulting firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. At Arch + Tower, we specialize in enhancing Customer Experience, Employee Experience, and Operational Excellence. We understand that every organization is distinct, yet they often encounter similar challenges. That's why we craft personalized solutions for our clients, equipped with the precise tools and services required to address their specific needs. To embark on a journey of transformation and excellence, don't hesitate to contact Natalie today at info@iml.how. Let's work together to unlock your full potential.

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