02 August 2020

15. Right Talent, Right Capabilities with Dr. Tina Woodard

Today we are speaking with an accomplished engineer, businesswoman, and the founder & CEO of Capstone Performance Solutions, Inc., Dr. Tina Woodard. Dr. Tina is an accomplished HR leader that aids in implementing innovative organizational effectiveness and leadership development. She emphasizes that to be a good leader, you have to lead with empathy, patience, and communication.

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 02:12] Opening Segment

  • I introduce the guest, Dr. Tina Woodard, to the show
  • We talk about Tina’s non-profit organization; I Am BEAUTIFUL

[02:13 – 09:08] Right Talent, Right Capabilities

  • Tina talks about the attributes they look for in leaders
    • Flexibility and adaptability
    • Having the right talents and capabilities
    • Promotes the growth of their people and the organization
    • Able to prioritize
    • Experimentative and Innovative
    • Empathetic
  • Leaders that have high technical skills with high emotional intelligence
  • Happy employees help the organization thrive

[09:09 – 15:16] How Do We Cut Down the Cost of Hiring the Wrong Person?

  • Tina shares how you can find the right people for your organization
    • Making sure the person has the education, credentials, and certifications needed.
    • They have the right mindset and personality fit for the organization
    • They have the technical skills required
  • Pushing your leadership skills to the next level
    • Embracing lifelong learning
      • Attending seminars, webinars, training and more
    • Getting a coach
  • Tina talks about the importance of establishing your network

[15:17 - 20:47] Closing Segment

  • Tina gives some tips on how you can select the right coach
  • Final thoughts for our listeners?
    • “I really want to emphasize the importance, the criticality now of self-care.”
    • “I really want to emphasize, also, the need for mutual empathy and patience.”
  • For more information on Dr. Tina Woodard, be sure to follow her on the links below.
  • Final words from me

Tweetable Quotes:

“I am of the belief that effective leaders must embrace life long learning.” – Dr. Tina Woodard


Resources mentioned in the episode:

You can connect with Dr. Tina Woodard on LinkedIn. For more information, visit their website https://www.capstonesolutionsinc.com/.

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