06 September 2020

20. Make Innovation Approachable with Jamie Silva 

Today we are continuing with a focus on innovation. Our guest for this episode is Jamie Silva. Jamie is a Product Development Team Leader at Paylocity. He is a proven entrepreneurial product leader whose passion in life is building products with a startup mentality. His career’s success is a result of continuous learning and growth guided by personal goals and professional fulfillment.

Let’s jump into Jamie’s story of how you can make innovation approachable and lead your organization to bigger success.

[00:01 – 03:36] Opening Segment

  • I talked briefly about valuable information that you can take advantage of in this episode
  • I introduce the guest Jamie Silva
  • Jamie weighs in on why do people complicate innovation
    • I don’t think companies even think of innovation
    • Innovation ideas usually come from the top of the company
  • Quick plug to our previous episode about The Art of Corporate Innovation
  • Jamie shares his experiences with innovations
    • Innovation can come from anywhere

[03:37 – 09:17] The Giants of Innovation

  • Jamie talks about Tesla and how they become what they are now.
    • Why do you think Elon Musk open-sourced these patents?
  • Jamie shares a story of Sandy Munro buying the new Tesla Y and taking it apart.
  • Tesla is not just making the best battery-electric vehicle. They’re trying to be the best vehicle.
  • If you want to be like Apple, Amazon, Tesla, or SpaceX you’ve got to start innovating

[09:18 – 16:00] Make Innovation Approachable

  • How do you get people to innovate?
  • Jamie shares how Tesla and SpaceX are creating a culture of innovation
    • Make sure that everybody in a role that can innovate does innovate or at least try to innovate.
  • Jamie gives his definition of innovation
    • Doing something that you are not doing today can advance your business, your product, and your value.
  • Jamie shares a story of working with someone trying to create an E-Learning platform.

[16:01 – 19:14] Leading Large Corporates Towards Innovation

  • How can large organizations continue to innovate?
  • Jamie talks about how hard it is for large organizations, like in the automotive industry, to innovate and change their current methods
  • Jamie gives powerful advice on how to bring in innovation to your organization

[19:15 – 23:40] Closing Segment

  • What are some simple ways people can innovate in their jobs today?
    • Don’t put the pressure on yourself to have all the ideas
    • You have to be smart enough to talk to people and identify the best ideas you got from them and be good enough to execute them.
  • Jamie’s final thoughts for the listeners
  • For more information on Jamie, be sure to follow him on the links below.
  • Final words from me


Tweetable Quotes:

“If companies want to be successful, they need to start innovating.” – Jamie Silva

“You need to make sure that people’s innovations are thoughtful. You can’t just have people like trying everything and failing nonstop. So, if you have minor consequences when they fail, it’s thoughtful innovation.” – Jamie Silva


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