04 October 2020

24. Customer-Driven Innovation with Abdel Tefridj

Today my guest is Abdel Tefridj. Abdel is the CEO and CPO at Data Bid Machine, designed to optimize companies' traffic acquisition. He is a technology and product executive with an extensive background in eCommerce, data science, and software development. He is advising several growing companies in their digital transformation and scaling their data science initiatives

[00:01 – 07:54] Customer-Driven Innovation

  • I talked briefly about valuable information that you can take advantage of in this episode
  • I introduce and welcome guest, Abdel Tefridj
  • Abdel shares his interesting take on innovation
    • Innovation is about solving problems
    • The needs create the goods
  • Customer-driven innovation
    • What do they hate?
    • Observe their process
    • How can you save them time?
    • Customer feedback
  • Abdel walks us through how to close the customer feedback loop

[07:55 – 16:20] Customer-Centric Framework

  • Abdel talks about what he calls "the village meeting."
    • We tend to chase new customers instead of solving existing problems
    • Every member of the team should be aware of the context
    • Current customers
    • Pain points
    • What's the performance of the product?
    • Why is it not working?
  • Customer-centric framework
    • Put the customer at the center of your business
    • Every action needs to point to how we impact a new customer and retain an existing one

[16:21 – 20:39] Closing Segment

  • If you want to think outside of the box more and be more innovative, here is Abdel's advice
    • Customer sessions
    • Connect the dots
    • Get rid of the herd mentality
  • Final thoughts for the listeners:
    • It's a journey. Keep learning and be curious.
  • Connect with Abdel online! See the links below.

Tweetable Quotes:

"Innovation at the end of the day is about solving problems." – Abdel Tefridj

"The most important person that influences the buyer is the end-user." – Abdel Tefridj

"I'm not against a road map. I just think it should be more outcome-based. What value are you going to deliver to the customer?" – Abdel Tefridj

"Anybody can be impactful. Don't let fear, observation, your own insecurity hold you back. It's an amazing world, and there's a lot of toolkits if you're willing to work. Just jump on it." – Abdel Tefridj

 Resources Mentioned:

 You can connect with Abdel on LinkedIn. Visit their company website https://www.databidmachine.com/

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