15 November 2020

30. Innovation in HR Data & Analytics with David Turetsky

David Turetsky serves as a managing consultant and is responsible for consulting with clients on people analytics, total rewards, and other HR data governance issues at Turetsky Consulting. In his role, David consults with clients worldwide and is focused on improving their usage of data, analytics, and HR processes in support of their business. David and his team partner with their clients to provide ideas, insights, and best practices to optimize people insights.

[00:01 – 09:36] Innovation in HR & Data Analytics

  • I introduce and welcome our guest, David Turetsky
  • We talk about David's previous role in ADP David walks us through his work in Turetsky Consulting
  • David talks about how Innovation in HR happens
  • David shares one of the innovations they made that he is most proud of in the HR & Data Space
    • Democratizing Data – delivering data to the people who need them

[09:37 – 21:13] Improve Your HR & Data Analytics Team

  • David's best practices for innovation in the HR & data analytics space
  • David weighs in on the things the government is pushing on the different industries
  • Let's look into the effects of the COVID pandemic
  • David's call to action for organizations taking a step forward into innovating in their HR data & analytics

[21:14 – 23:49] Closing Segment

  • Final thoughts
    • Allow your people to ask the question, 'why?'
  • Connect with David. See the links below.



Tweetable Quotes:

"I love when my clients start asking the business, 'what do you really need? What's the fundamental issue you're trying to solve here? And how can I be a partner with you? How can I become a consultant to you to help you solve for your business problem?'" – David Turetsky

"Innovation to me isn't just about doing things with technology. Innovation to me is looking at what you do and being very critical about it and being able to serve it up in a different way, so it serves the better purpose for the people around you." – David Turetsky

"Instead of talking about the formula. Instead of thinking about A.I. and robots and other things that might innovate headcount. Let's think about the way in which we provide it to the client and innovate the stories and the examples we use and the context we use." – David Turetsky

"Disclosure means you can't hide from the truth." – David Turetsky


You can connect with David on LinkedIn or visit his website turetskyconsulting.com. Listen to David’s podcast, HR Data Labs Podcast.

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