22 November 2020

31. Marketing Automation with Gianni Quintana 

Gianni Quintana is the founder and CEO of DigiTechy, an inbound marketing services, and conversational marketing platform. He is also the host of Smart Chickens Diversity Drives Innovation & Growth Show, and he has over 15 years of experience in strategic marketing. Gianni is a firm believer that where we come from shapes who we become both in life and our career.

[00:01 – 03:03] Opening Segment

  • I introduce and welcome our guest, Gianni Quintana
  • Gianni talks about his podcast, Smart Chickens
    • His goals, vision, and mission for the podcast

[03:04 – 21:10] Innovation in Marketing Automation

  • What is Marketing Automation? Gianni explains.
    • The evolution of Marketing technology over the years
  • Gianni talks about the building blocks needed in marketing automation.
    • Should you hire a team like Gianni’s?
    • DigiTechy’s role
  • The Next Generation of Marketing Automation
  • Gianni shares the metrics for good Marketing Automation.

[21:11 – 23:49] Closing Segment

  • Final thoughts for the listeners from the book ‘From Impossible to Inevitable’
  • Connect with Gianni. See the links below.


Tweetable Quotes:

“There’s never a perfect time for anything in life.” – Gianni Quintana

“As our marketing tech and automation has evolved, so has our buyers and the way they have a buyer journey and their expectations.” – Gianni Quintana

“Success only happens with a lot of failure and marketing automation is not a silver bullet.” – Gianni Quintana


Resources Mentioned:

You can connect with Gianni on LinkedIn or visit the DigiTechy website.

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