06 December 2020

33. Leadership Agility with Jodie Charlop

Jodie Charlop founded Exceleration Partners, dedicated to helping professionals build career resiliency and successfully evolve to positions of leadership. Jodie helps her clients transform into powerful leaders by tackling blind spots that may be stealing their leadership power. Jodie has served as a full-time executive coach since 2004.

[00:01 – 11:01] Leadership Agility

  • Looking back on our leadership resilience in 2020 and preparing for Leadership Agility in 2021
  • What creates “chaos?”
    • External and Internal Chaos
    • Navigating through the ‘storms” around us
  • What is Leadership Agility?
  • Jodie talks about her experiences with mentorships.

[11:02 – 18:56] Creating a Life that Matters

  • Get up and fight another day
    • Weathering through the struggles of life
    • Jodie shares tips to help you get up and turn your life around
  • Journey to purpose
    • Recalibrating your goals

[18:57 – 22:38] Closing Segment

  • Jodie’s final thoughts for the listeners:
    • “This is your journey; this is your road. It’s yours, and it’s yours alone.”
  • Connect with Jodie. See the links below.

Tweetable Quotes:

“We’re all in a journey to be significant, right? And whatever part of the world, we want to be significant. At work, home, life. We want to live a life that matters.” – Jodie Charlop

“We have to fight the good fight to make sure we stay outside the system so we can help the system.” – Jodie Charlop

“As long as we’re on our journey to purpose – we’ll work out the details.” – Jodie Charlop

“The only thing that’s going to give us the resilience is to do that leading from within work.” – Jodie Charlop

Resources Mentioned:

You can connect with Jodie on LinkedIn, @jodiecharlop. Interested in learning more about Leadership Agility? Hop into https://www.jodiecharlop.com/virtualcoffee/. Visit her company website,  https://excelerationpartners.com.










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