13 December 2020

34. Building a Social Media Presence with Melanie Borden

Melanie Borden has spent the majority of her 14+ year marketing career in the automotive tech industry. Melanie has worked in various atmospheres, from social media startups to a public tech company in consulting, marketing, and business development roles. She has driven marketing efficiencies for her clients along the eastern seaboard from NYC to Burlington, VT. Melanie is the driver for the marketing vision and strategy from inception to execution for the clients she has worked with. Presently, she is the Vice President of Marketing for Celebrity Motor Cars, a franchised Highline auto group based out of the New York and New Jersey Metropolitan area. Melanie develops and implements every single facet of the marketing and advertising strategy and single-handedly built the in-house advertising agency.

[00:01 – 06:13] Building a Social Media Presence

  • Why is it important to build a social presence and brand?

  • When building a social media presence, you need a plan of intent

  • Melanie talks about how she went about building her social media presence and her own brand

    • Building a name for herself in the automotive industry

[06:14 – 10:32] Choosing the Right Platform

  • Deciding what platform to focus on

    • What are your goals?

[10:33 – 18:58] The Process

  • Melanie shares the process she went through in building her brand.

    • “It’s hard. It’s a lot of work.”

  • Monitoring your growth

    • Engagements

    • Leads

  • There are things you can do “offline” to build your brand.

  • A timeline to growing your brand

    • “There is no exact measurement for everyone.”

    • Patience is a big part of growing your social audience.

[18:59 – 24:35] Closing Segment

  • Melanie shares tips on what you should and shouldn’t post.

  • Melanie’s final thoughts for the listeners:

    • “The one thing that I’ll say is just write down a few items that will tie into your story.”

  • Connect with Melanie. See the links below.


Tweetable Quotes:

“Social media today is really a visual portfolio about you.” – Melanie Borden

“It’s really about your audience and how you can connect to your audience.” – Melanie Borden

“Younger people need to understand that if they’re looking for a job that their social profiles are going to be under the eyes of a recruiter, an HR department, an owner.” – Melanie Borden

“I have found that color has impacted, I believe, my audience growing. Because I post a lot with bright colors and I find that when I post with color, I get more interactions than when I don’t.” – Melanie Borden

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