24 January 2021

Season 2, Episode 1. The Leader’s Journey with CMO, Eric Lent

Eric Lent is the Global Chief Marketing Officer for World 50. As a key senior leader, Eric runs the marketing function globally, where he has strategic and tactical responsibility for the development and delivery of overall marketing performance and brand strategy.

Outside of work, Eric is an advisor to 48in48, an organization dedicated to building websites for non-profits. Previously, he served as Board Chairman for the Towson University College of Business and Economics, where he received the Dean’s Recognition Award for his lifetime of career successes.

[00:01 – 10:56] The Leader’s Journey

  • Eric shares his journey to reach where he is today
    • How his career began
    • Transitioning to different companies taking up leadership roles
  • As leaders, you need to model the change you want to see
  • Eric shares his insights on why you should become a life-long learner

[10:57 – 14:45] Experience is the Best Teacher

  • You grow the most when you step into a mess
  • Eric’s advice for people afraid of failure
  • Eric talks about what “Smart Governance” looks like

[14:46 – 20:42] Leadership in 2020

  • Eric talks about how 2020 helped him become a better leader
  • How the pandemic helped shape the future of leadership
  • What Eric looks for in a leader

[20:43 – 23:07] Closing Segment

  • Eric’s final thoughts for the listeners
    • “The expectations of a leader today are greater than what they were 12 months ago.”
    • “Those who have aspirations to be leaders, keep the journey going. Don’t stop. Never stop learning, and make sure you’re not just thinking about yourself but you’re thinking about how your teams are developing.”
  • Final words from me

Tweetable Quotes:

“You need to think about your career less about climbing the ladder and more about circling a mountain.” – Eric Lent

“To get to the greatest growth means it not only take experiences that help you advance vertically within an organization but also try to take on experiences that help you learn horizontally, learn about other functions, learn about other parts of the business. Because when you do that, you become a better functional leader.” – Eric Lent

“We need to model the change that we need to see.” – Eric Lent

“Take the step forward. Be bold. Be brave. Step into the mess because when you put yourself into those type of situations, you experience exponential growth. Career changing growth.” – Eric Lent

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