27 September 2021

Season 2, Episode  36. Winning Digital Customers with Howard Tiersky

In this episode, we have Howard Tiersky joining us to discuss how companies can position themselves in the digital world by acknowledging your identity in the industry, recognizing the needs of customers, and becoming relevant in this digital age.


Howard Tiersky has been named one of the Top 10 Digital Transformation Influencers to follow today by IDG (International Data Group). As an entrepreneur, he has launched two successful companies that help large brands transform to thrive in the digital age. His dozens of Fortune 1000 clients have included Verizon, NBC, Avis, Universal Studios, Facebook, Spotify, and Amazon.


[00:32] Movement towards Thriving in the Digital Age

  • Introducing Howard Tiersky
  • Helping companies thrive in the digital age
    • Embrace digital transformation. It is a critical part of business.
    • Recognize attempts to distinguish patterns that work and don’t work.


[04:18] Staying Relevant and Recognizing Digital Transformation

  • Recognizing your position in the digital world
    • Establish your identity as a company and build it for digital customers.
    • Why would you be relevant in the first place?
      • Meet the needs of the customers
      • Acknowledge the changing demand
      • Pay attention to the customer

[10:22] The Ideal Positioning in Finding Digital Customers

  • Perceiving the future
    • Admit to the uncontrollability of the future. Understand where things are going and adapt to it.
    • Instead of inventing the future, improve the future.
  • Finding digital customers
    • Step back from creating content and first understand the customer’s journey. Ask the questions -
      • Who is our customer?
      • What are their hopes and dreams?
      • What challenges and problems are they facing today?
    • Allow the customers to guide you through their demands.


[19:36] Final Thoughts 

  • Stay relevant and improve to win digital customers
  • Connect with Howard (Links Below)


Key Quote:

“When you observe so many attempts at the same thing, you start to see patterns of what works and what doesn't work.” - Howard Tiersky

“Do not try to invent the future, just try to improve on the future. I think that that is a much more predictable and effective strategy than thinking you can sit there and create the complete future by yourself.” - Howard Tiersky


Winning Digital Customers: The Antidote to Irrelevance by Howard Tiersky

Connect with Howard

Website: https://www.from.digital/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tiersky

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tiersky

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