25 April 2021

Season 2, Episode 14. Innovation in Israel with CEO, Aharon Horwitz

As CEO and co-founder of AutoLeadStar, Aharon Horwitz is passionate about bringing cutting-edge technology solutions to the forward-thinking dealership. He leads a team committed to increasing dealership sales through improved efficiency, scalability, and personalized customer experience. He regularly speaks and writes about automotive innovation, contributing to industry publications including Dealer Magazine and Dealer Marketing. A long-time entrepreneur, Aharon’s drive for developing useful technology with tangible results has garnered coverage by Inc. Magazine, The Next Web, and LifeHacker, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, and major automotive publications.

[00:01 – 07:56] Opening Segment

  • Aharon talks about the founding backstory of AutoLeadStar

[02:04  – 13:15] How AutoLeadStar Built a Very Well Respected Brand in the Automotive Industry  

  • With the automotive industry leaving behind old dealerships due to its fast-paced innovation, AutoLeadStar aims to bridge that gap
    • Giving dealers the tools to translate what they know how to do intuitively and naturally into their business

[13:16 – 16:14] How Did AutoLeadStar Flex or Innovate in 2020? 

  • Giving dealers what they need for COVID-19 safe service and marketing. 
  • Listening to their dealers.
  • Integrating features into their products that would help dealers do their jobs during the difficult months.

[16:15 – 21:13] What Are Some Innovations You’re Leaning Into for the Future?  

  • Customer centricity
    • Focusing on the customer first and allowing them to guide the features and products AutoLeadstar builds.
  • Offering data in one layer rather than multiple silos. 
  • Online and offline metrics and measurement tools.  

[21:14 – 24:57 ] The Tenors That Make Israelis Innovative  

  • Numerous different cultures in a geographically smaller country.
  • The need for businesses to immediately look outward, think globally and launch internationally
  • Technolagy that young people are exposed to

[24:58 – 26:45] Closing Segment

  • Final words of wisdom from Aharon
  • Connect with Aharon. Links available below.


Tweetable Quotes:

“When you don't know what to do start talking to customers… Some months you’re just sitting there feeling like things are not going the way you want them. Instead of getting stuck in it, running in circles chasing my tail, I just start getting on the phone, getting in the store, talking to dealers and I usually come out with an insight.” - Aharon Horwitz

“We’re in the midst of such a huge change where everything is going software and digital is really swallowing up the world. There’s so much work to be done to translate the livelihoods of so many millions of people into that framework.” - Aharon Horwitz

“I really think that there's a huge social impact if you can help this industry survive the twin waves of digital disruption and the tendency that modern capitalism has to wipe out the little guy. It's a big challenge, there’s a lot to do here.” - Aharon Horwitz


Resources Mentioned:


You can connect with Aharon on LinkedIn or Twitter

Visit AutoLeadStar’s website 


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