02 May 2021

Season 2, Episode 15. Innovation in the Payments Space with Matt Kopko

Matt Kopko is DailyPay's Vice President of Public Policy, where he manages DailyPay's interactions with regulators, legislators, other government officials, and stakeholders. Matt was drawn to DailyPay because he has a passion for focusing on emerging technologies that help improve the lives of millions of working individuals.

Prior to his role at DailyPay, Matt served in a similar role at Bird, the micro-mobility company. Matt was also a senior government official and member of the Senior Executive Service, as well as an attorney in private practice. Matt holds a bachelor's degree from Princeton University, and a JD/MBA from the University of Chicago.

[00:01 – 04:36] What is DailyPay? 

  • Matt talks about how DailyPay’s software and products like PayEx™ is improving employers and employees’ experience with payment PayEx™

[04:36  – 12:09] How PayEx™ Benefits Employees and Employers  

  • PayEx™ aims to help employees susceptible to living paycheck to paycheck by giving them the freedom to collect their salary when they need it and avoid taking out payday loans.  
  • Benefiting employers with happier employees that aren’t burdened financially
  • Less employee turnover and the ability to advertise daily employee payment as an attractive benefit for applicants
  • DailyPay’s simple, seamless and enjoyable experience dispenses money through a push of a button

[12:09 – 19:21] How DailyPay is Serving Employees in Covid-19  

  • Matt talks about the increase in demand for DailyPay’s on-demand payment service in 2020
    • Changing employee’s lives in the midst of the financial crisis of the pandemic
  •  How DailyPay helps employees with budgeting
    • PayEx™ empowers employees with hourly monitoring and an increased salary awareness for better financial planning

[19:21 – 22:00] Closing Segment

  • Final words from Matt
  • Connect with Matt Kopko, links below


Tweetable Quotes:

“People in a lot of these moderate lower-income hourly industries are struggling going paycheck to paycheck. Then one small thing happens in your life and then you have a potential financial calamity.” - Matt Kopko

“Being able to build this mental model of financial inputs and outputs better makes people able to use their money better.” - Matt Kopko  

You can connect with Matt on LinkedIn

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