23 May 2021

Season 2, Episode 18. A Seat at the Table with CEO, Denelle Dixon - Season 2

Denelle Dixon is the CEO and Executive Director of the Stellar Development Foundation, a non-profit organization using blockchain to unlock the world’s economic potential by making money more fluid, markets more open, and people more empowered.

Before joining Stellar, Dixon served as COO of Mozilla, one of the most successful mission-driven open-source organizations. During her tenure at Mozilla, she led the organization’s business, revenue, and policy teams including the ongoing fight for Neutrality and the global effort to ensure that people can control their personal data. She also pushed Mozilla to understand how to partner with commercial entities while staying true to its core mission of openness, innovation, and opportunity on the web. A lawyer by trade, Denelle previously served as a general counsel and legal advisor in private equity and technology.

Throughout her career, Denelle has been a vocal advocate for net neutrality, encryption, the disclosure of vulnerabilities by governments, and greater user choice and control.

Connect with my guest

You can find Denelle on LinkedIn, Twitter (@DenelleDixon). Visit Stellar Development Foundation’s website

[02:23] Denelle Dixon’s Time and Major Contributions to Mozilla    

  • How Mozilla achieved their mission of openness and innovation
  • The importance of goal openness in a partnership  

[05:19] Bringing Diversity to the Table       

  • Gender inequality costs as much as the american and chinese economies combined
  • How Fintech can improve the lives of women who have been excluded
  • How leaders can practically introduce diversity into their company

[18:44] Denelle as a Leader      

  • Did you ever see yourself becoming a CEO?
  • Denelle’s advice for women who are in an executive leadership position
    • Leading with honesty and transparency and being strategic in terms of what’s important for the organization
    • Leading with humanity
    • Giving employees more than just a paycheck 


[21:50] Final Thoughts     

  • Closing words from Denelle and I     


Tweetable Quotes:

If at the outset you both understand where you're coming from, where they’re coming from and what their goals are, you get to that meeting of the minds that just drives a tremendous amount of value for the relationship.” - Denelle Dixon

“Yet we see in blockchain that if you leverage this openness of the network, the innovation that happens on the regional level is really focused locally, so it’s solving local problems.” - Denelle Dixon

“I lead with honesty, with transparency and I try to be strategic in terms of the things that I see are important out there for us as an organization. I also think it’s really important to lead with a lot of humanity.” - Denelle Dixon 

“Companies become more profitable when we have a diversity of thought and a diversity of background.” - Natalie Born


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