30 May 2021

Season 2, Episode 19. The Reinvention Strategy with Loretta Edmond - Season 2

Welcome to Innovation Meets Leadership. On this episode with my guest and my dear friend, Loretta Edmond, we discuss personal reinvention through mental focus and prioritizing what really matters in life.

With a Bachelors in Computer Science and an MBA, Loretta began her career as a Software Engineer. A PMI Certified Project Management Professional with over 15 years of experience in the recruitment industry, Loretta is a multifaceted leader with experience in project management, process improvement, quality assurance, operations, talent development, organizational development, team building, software engineering, and product development.

No stranger to re-inventing herself, recently transitioning from running a small business, Loretta has moved into real estate as a licensed Realtor in the State of Georgia. Licensed for over 15 years, Loretta’s passion for real estate started with investment properties. Through renovating properties, managing properties, and working with tenants, Loretta’s passion eventually turned to helping clients find their dream home.

As a Dekalb County resident, Loretta has served the community in various capacities whether through her place of worship, place of work or directly through a local volunteer organization. Truly invested in the success of her community, she currently serves on the Dekalb County Community Council Board for District 4, a volunteer citizen advisory group appointed by the Board of Commissioners to review rezoning, special land use permits (SLUPs), and land use amendment requests.

Connect with my guest:

You can find Loretta on LinkedIn


[0:39] What Drives Loretta To Constantly Learn, Grow and Lead   

  • I introduce Loretta Edmond
  • Being a multipotentialite, Loretta is all in and never afraid to pivot, learn new things or go in a new direction
  • How crisis can be a catalyst for transformation
  • Lessons from the pandemic
    • Family matters more than we realize  
    • Selfcare is not self-indulgence
    • Emergency savings are vital
    • When your world gets small, nature lets us live large

[06:25] When Loretta Decided It Was Time For Reinvention        

  • When Loretta’s small franchise business shut down overnight due to Covid-19, she used the opportunity to accelerate reinvention and jump into a long-time passion of hers; real estate.
  • Reinventing yourself amidst fear
    • While making this leap, Loretta was grounded by relying heavily on her faith
  • Having a growth mindset even when things are bad
    • It is our failures that help us step into our strength
    • See every failure as an opportunity for learning. Instead of asking, “Why is this happening to me?” ask, “What am I learning from this?” 

[11:43] Having The Wisdom To Walk Through The Right Doors      

  • Inspired by teachings from Dr. Benjamin Hardy, an organizational psychologist, Loretta determined what she wanted her future self to look like in certain areas of her life
    • When the student is ready, the teacher will come
  • Not living in the GOOP (General Opinions of People)
  • How Loretta overcomes the fear of trying something new  
  • Building resilience in us to not see falling as fatal and not see failing as final


[18:09] Changing The Narrative In Our Heads

  • Don’t be afraid to be so good at what you’re doing that you can’t leave it
  • The danger of trapping ourselves into the lifestyle we’ve set up for ourselves
  • The worst thing that can happen when taking risks is learning what not to do
  • Recognize the voice of the fear that’s gripping you and replace it     
  • You can’t stay where you are


[24:00] Final Thoughts      

  • Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself
  • Final words from Loretta and me      


Tweetable Quotes:

“We’re still here. Which means we have an opportunity to do better, be better and live to our fullest potential. So we can either curse the dark or light a candle.” -  Loretta Edmond

“You can’t stay where you are or you're going to be stagnant and you won’t move.” - Loretta Edmond

“A lot of times we look at failure as bad, or something that’s negative. But it's our failures that help us step into our strength.”  - Loretta Edmond

“I feel like so many people live with the idea of what they have to do and not what they get to do or love to do.” - Natalie Born

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