31 January 2021

Season 2, Episode 2. Non-Traditional Leadership with Tamara Laster

Tamara Laster is the Vice President of Global Sales Strategy at InterContinental Hotels Groups. As Vice President of Global Sales Strategy, Tamara leads a team responsible for driving IHG's B2B sales strategy, programs and initiatives for IHG's corporate, groups and meetings, and small and medium-sized enterprises, including the IHG Business Edge program.

Tamara is no ordinary leader; she approaches leadership in a non-traditional way. Being exposed to different leadership types and learning from the leaders she met along her journey helped shape the leader she has become.

[00:01 – 02:15] Opening Segment

  • I introduce and welcome our guest, Tamara Laster
  • We talk about how we met (Tamara is a good friend of mine)

[02:16 – 10:53] Tamara's Journey

  • Tamara shares her journey to becoming the leader she is today.
  • She talks about the 3 people that influenced her leadership style the most
    • No ego
    • Be humble
    • Allow people to be exactly who they are
  • Tamara shares her struggles with finding who she really is as a leader
    • Stop mimicking others. Be your true authentic self.

[10:54 – 16:11] Non-Traditional Leadership

  • Tamara talks about embracing who you are
    • Become your own version of a leader
  • Tamara's view on what a leader should look like and what leadership really means

[16:12 – 21:14] Growth

  • How to grow as a leader
  • The fundamentals of Tamara's leadership
  • Tamara's final thoughts and advice for leaders


Tweetable Quotes:

"What caused me to be the leader I am today is a series of really great leadership styles. I have three people that really showed me what leadership look like." – Tamara Laster

"We should be looking around the table and making sure it's not just diversity, and you know, male-female, or how we look, or whatever that is, or our weight. But it's diversity in thought and background and experiences and all those types of things. That is the thing that really creates innovation." – Tamara Laster

"I believe leadership is a constant opportunity for you to learn and grow." – Tamara Laster

To learn more about Tamara, follow her on LinkedIn

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