13 June 2021

Season 2, Episode 21. When Leaders Burn Out with Jennifer Chapman

On this episode of Innovation Meets Leadership my guest, Jennifer Chapman, and I talk all about creating a sustainable work-life, not just for yourself, but for your team. 


Jennifer Chapman used to be a workaholic, known as the go-to person for getting things done and managing the most difficult clients at a Fortune 500 consulting firm. She thrived in challenging situations, proving to others time and time again that she was invincible. Eventually, Jennifer’s mental and physical health began to suffer, so she decided to create a new professional and personal life that aligned with what she valued most. She created the job she wants and a new independent confidence, and she continues to bring her authentic self into all of her work. She is more successful—in terms of happiness, financial security, and her ability to help others—than she has ever been.


Today, Jennifer is an expert leadership coach, working with STEM managers and leaders who want to increase productivity and performance by strengthening their confidence and people skills. When Jennifer isn’t developing the next generation of influential leaders, she can be found spending time with her husband and five children, and hitting the trails with their beloved English Springer Spaniel, Brutus!


[01:22] Jennifer’s Breaking Point     


  • Jennifer realized she had to make a change when her body clearly wasn’t handling her lifestyle well. In 2006, she had two sinus surgeries in one year. She realized how unsustainable she was living, missing work during her surgery and recovering from surgery. While making lifestyle changes she was still experiencing chronic migraines. She realized that if you do not make your mental and physical health a priority your body and your brain will demand it.
  • Jennifer describes being a workaholic as a life in which work always wins. When it’s your number one priority, step back and ask, “Am I giving the least to those who matter most?”


[04:48] Creating Healthy Boundaries       


  • Jennifer shares an experience of when she said no to an opportunity at work. Despite this leading to a mark in her appraisal report, she realizes that even though she faced the consequences of saying no, she didn’t regret it because it did not align with what mattered in the long run.
  • Think about what it is that you want, then set your boundaries. The conflict comes when we still question the choice that we made. But if you're clear on what matters most to you, set that boundary and stick to it, no matter what the consequences are.
  • It’s not about doing as much as you can as fast as you can. When we’re overworked our quality drops


[11:39] How to Give Yourself Permission to Create a New Path


  • Every time you say yes to something, you're saying no to something else. Every time you say no to something, you're saying yes to something else.
  • Figure out what it is that you want and what is that going to get you?
  • What do you want people to say at your retirement party? And so what can you do now to get there?
  • We treat our friends better than we treat ourselves, so talk to yourself like you’re your friend
  • Outsource what doesn’t add value for you. The things that we can outsource help to give us bandwidth on the things that will give us more life.
  • For those who want to go on this new path but have fear holding them back, Jennifer advises to ask yourself, “If you continue on the path you're on, what are the good things and bad things that would be the likely outcome? And then if you were to go down this different path, what’s the worst-case scenario?”


[17:14]  Teaching Your Team Good Work Boundaries   


  • One of the most important things that leaders need to do is set the example. If you want a team that's going to take care of themselves, you have to take care of yourself. This is one of the best ways to build an absolutely loyal team.
  • Start small. Pick one thing at the beginning, and then more change can come later.


[22:20] Final Words  


  • Connect with Jennifer and sign up for her complimentary monthly leadership roundtable called, Getting Your Mojo Back After Burnout. Links below 


Key Quotes:


“If you do not make your mental and physical health a priority, your body and your brain will demand it. It's much better to choose to take care of yourself than to be compelled.” - Jennifer Chapman

“Think about what it is that you want... You know that conflict comes when we still question the choice that we made. But if you're clear on what it is you really want, you set that boundary and you stick to it, no matter what the consequences are.” - Jennifer Chapman


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