01 August 2021

Season 2, Episode 28. Leadership Principles with Shawna Schuh

In this episode, Shawna Schuh and I cover groundbreaking leadership principles, how we can encourage critical thinking in leaders, and why we don’t need to have all the answers, we just need to ask the right questions.


Shawna Schuh, CSP helps leaders evolve into their higher potential. With over 3 decades of working with remarkable professionals, Shawna uses her expertise in leadership, business ownership, and life with animals to cut to the essence of how someone can shift their thinking for better and better results.



[00:16] What Pets Can Teach Us About Leadership

  • Introducing Shawna Schuh
  • Shawna uses animal analogies as the vehicle for life and leadership lessons that pertain to a circumstance or issue someone is going through as a way of teaching and thinking in a new way 
  • What can animals really teach us?



[05:16] The Best Leaders Are The Best Questioners

  • How leaders who are so used to knowing all the answers can shift in their way of thinking
    • The need to desire change
    • Helping people critically think through the pros and cons instead of thinking for them
    • Take your monkey with you
  • If your intent is to empower your leaders because you believe in their capability, you will not have to solve their problems for them



[11:17] Critical Thinking in Leadership Requires a Healthy Environment 

  • The intent is so important
    • Environments that breed fear create leaders that are too scared to make decisions due to potential failure
  • Change your focus from ‘Me’ to the ‘Mission, goal, and team.’ 
  • Tips for questioning
    • Ask yourself what you want to come out of this exchange and examine your motives
    • Rephrase your delivery. Ask, “In order to help you, can I ask you this?” Instead of, “May I make a suggestion? Because you're apparently doing it wrong.”
  • When people leave you, they should be better than when they came



[16:42] Steps Leaders Can Take Towards Problem Solving

  • Start with internal questions
    • What's the next step here?
    • What do I need to learn?
    • Who do I need to call?
    • How do I want to think about this differently?
  • It's not about being the best and brightest. It's about bringing the best and brightest to the table
    • Find the brilliance in the room and ask them to sit at the table and have a conversation that carries everyone forward
  • Lift as you rise
    • If we invest in others, we will ultimately reap the reward that we're hoping for in our own lives
    • Invest in yourself to be able to invest in others



[23:18]  Final Thoughts

  • Are you challenging yourself enough?
    • Look at your checkbook and your calendar. What are you spending your time and money on? Are you investing in books, classes, coaching, etc.? 
  • Connect with Shawna, links below


Key Quotes:

“I believe that leaders become better leaders when they have other species around us.- Shawna Schuh

“The question is, ‘What do I want from this exchange? How do I want to lift this person up?’ Sometimes we as human beings want to make our point, or we want to make the person wrong or show their errors. And that's not good intent. And it's certainly not for a leader.” - Shawna Schuh

“When people leave you, they should be better than when they came.” - Natalie Born

“It's not about being the best and brightest. It's about bringing the best and brightest to the table. … I think part of leadership is finding the brilliance in the room and asking them to sit at the table and asking to have a conversation that carries all of us forward.” - Natalie Born


Connect with Shawna

website: www.shawnaschuh.com 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shawnaschuh

Twitter: @shawnaschuh

Instagram: @shawnaschuh


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