29 August 2021

Season 2, Episode 32. The Power of Visual Thinking with CEO, Nora Herting

In this episode, Nora Herting joins us to discuss the ways visual communication impacts organizations and how storytelling can influence our mental mapping towards our goals.


A pioneer of visual strategy, Nora Herting is passionate about expanding peoples’ definition of creativity and believes the best way to meet the demands of business today is to take a visual approach that blends strategic thinking and creative expression.


Nora’s skill and impact with businesses, and her own entrepreneurial prowess founding ImageThink has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fox Business, Entrepreneur and INC.


She leads a compelling conversation around the power of visual thinking as a catalyst for personal and organizational change. As a sought-after speaker and thought leader, Nora has inspired global audiences with her creative keynotes at Cannes Lions, SXSW Interactive, WBENC


Nora’s first book, Draw Your Big Idea, has inspired thousands to think visually and access their own creativity.


[00:32] How Visual Thinking Helps in Collaboration and Communication

  • Introducing Nora Herting
  • Tapping into the power of visualization
    • Mapping it until the end:
      • Articulate the big goal
      • Establishing a shared vision
      • Looking into current status
    • The goal of the exercise is to have everyone in the organization aligned with the vision as a communication piece and inspiration.


[05:24] Cultivating the Habit of Visual Planning

  • Various frameworks to incorporate
    • There is no need to be elaborate. Allow engagement in the planning process.
    • Addressing the questions -
      • What is the desired future?
      • How do you get there?
      • What are the challenges?
  • Why having a visual facilitator is preferred


[10:34] How the Power Visual Thinking Refashions Organizations

  • Striving for clarity of the roles of employees
    • Have everyone see their roles so they can realize how to offer support.
      • Use metaphors
      • Have a story to tell
    • The purpose is to have an outcome that resonates with everyone.
  • Embracing visual thinking culture in the digital times
    • Utilize tools to establish the center point of the conversation to keep people focused.


[17:23] Final Thoughts 

  • Humans are wired to see meanings in pictures. Even rudimentary illustrations can do.
  • Connect with Nora (Links Below)


Key Quotes:

“A picture shows intention and emotion, and all these other things that you don't necessarily get in just saying words. We all say a lot of words, but the visual piece is so powerful and so important. ” - Natalie Born

“That’s [visual strategy] one example of helping them get clear, but then really having a visual story and a communication piece for the leaders to point to to inspire people.” - Nora Herting

“It [visual thinking] can help drive organizational change, which is sometimes you know, being able to pull the story out, so that it resonates with different people within the organization so that they can see the value of it.” - Nora Herting

“How do you get from where you want to go? The desired future to where you are right now? And then that's where you start filling in what are the action steps, what are the plans, but also articulating the challenges, and you can have fun with those things.” - Nora Herting


Connect with Nora

Website: https://www.imagethink.net/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nora-herting-imagethink

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ImageThink


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