07 March 2021

Season 2, Episode 7. Reinventing Women in Leadership with Stacey Speller

Stacey Speller is an accomplished leadership and personal development professional with over 15 years of delivering results. After being personally mentored by New York Times best-selling author and INC Magazine’s “leadership guru” Dr. John C. Maxwell, her specialty is working with high-performing world leaders, government officials, CEOs, and their teams, looking to impact their bottom line through results-oriented training. Through the John Maxwell Company, Stacey has worked globally with Fortune 500 Corporations, including Coca-Cola, Sasol Oil, Walmart/Mass Mart, World Bank, Standard Bank, Woolworth’s, and Planet Fitness.

[00:01 – 01:07] Opening Segment

  • Let’s welcome our listeners from Sweden, Italy, and Saudi Arabia
  • I introduce today’s guest, Stacey Speller

[01:08 – 09:21] Celebrating Women’s History Month

  • Championing and Empowering women
  • Changing the landscape for women leaders in their jobs and at home during the pandemic
  • Stacey speaks about the challenges of being a woman leader

[09:22 – 17:31] Reinventing Women in Leadership

  • Stacey discusses why the pandemic has brought opportunities for women leaders to step up
  • Pitfalls and things to watch out for within ourselves

[17:32 – 22:39] Women and Innovation

  • Women are innovators – don’t underestimate yourself!
  • Stacey talks about how women can be innovators in their own ways
  • Women are naturally curious, and curiosity is the birth of a possibility thinker, and being a possibility thinker is the foundation of innovation

[22:40 – 24:57] Closing Segment

  • Stacey’s final words of wisdom and call to action for the listeners


Tweetable Quotes:

“The companies that are going to retain talented women are going to be those companies that are willing to have those conversations and say you know what we have to reimagine what women in leadership can look like.” – Stacey Speller

“[Women] are innovators, and I think we underestimate that we are innovators.” – Stacey Speller

“Curiosity invites immeasurable possibilities for innovation and so lean into that natural tendency for curiosity because that’s how you become a possibility thinker. Being a possibility thinker is the foundation for innovation.” – Stacey Speller

To learn more about Stacey, follow her on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or visit her website https://staceyspeller.com/

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