14 March 2021

Season 2, Episode 8. Jobs To Be Done with Jim Kalbach - Part 1

Jim Kalbach is an author, speaker, and instructor in design. Jim has authored the books Designing Web Navigation, Mapping Experiences, and the most recent one, The Jobs To Be Done Playbook, which we will be talking about in this episode.

Jim is currently the lead evangelist at MURAL, the leading online whiteboard. He is responsible for advocating for imagination work, remote collaboration, creative teamwork, design thinking, and more.


[00:01 – 01:02] Opening Segment

  • Let’s welcome our listeners from Israel, Brazil, and New Zealand

  • I introduce today’s guest, Jim Kalbach

[01:03 – 11:17] Jobs To Be Done Playbook

  • Join us as we dive into Jim’s new book, Jobs To Be Done Playbook

    • The reason behind the unsung hero of his book, chapter 8

  • Customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than companies that focus on the customer.

    • Confused? Hear Jim explain what this means!

[11:18 – 19:28] Outcome-Driven Innovation

  • We talk about how Outcome-Driven Innovation differs from other methods of innovation

    • Find the unmet market needs before the market finds them

  • The reason why job maps and customer interviews are the most important

[19:29 – 20:48] Closing Segment

  • Join us next time for part two!


Tweetable Quotes:

“You need to ask yourself what are we trying to support that people are trying to get done?” – Jim Kalbach

“As markets mature, the market will naturally find unmet needs and what you want to do as an innovator is you want to find it before everybody else finds it.” – Jim Kalbach

“What you want to find are needs that people have, but needs that people have that are important and unsatisfied. Because they are unsatisfied means nobody else in the market found them.” – Jim Kalbach


You can follow Jim on LinkedIn. Visit https://www.mural.co/ to know more about MURAL. 


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