02 January 2022

Season 3, Episode 1. Understanding your ego with Christie Garcia

Welcome to Innovation Meets Leadership! I’m your host, Natalie Born. This is our first episode in season 3! We have Christie Garcia to discuss the impact of the unconscious self in communication, the triggers and employing mindfulness in reactions, and how ego management does not only impact leadership, but also our relationship with people and ultimately, how we view ourselves.


Christie Garcia is a Leadership Coach, Speaker, Facilitator, and Founder of Mindful Choice Leadership Academy. She has 17 years of experience in sales, recruiting, and coaching. For the last 10 years, she has worked with current and upcoming leaders from fast-growing organizations including Airbnb, Twitter, Movement For Life, and Sunrun. One of Christie’s superpowers is helping her clients manage their Ego and build authentic confidence so they can maximize their leadership and show up 100% in both business and life. Christie’s modern approach is designed to be simple. You just have to choose to be 1% better every day.


[00:55] Characterizing Ego: How Our Unconscious Self Impacts Leadership

  • Introducing Christie Garcia

  • Ego as a key component to leadership

    • Our unconscious behavior and mindset -

      • The wiring of reward

    • It can be silent or aggressive. Know how to recognize it to avoid being unprofessional.

      • Unintentional actions not reflecting leadership


[06:33] Controlling Ego through Self-Awareness and Ownership

  • Ego as both as strength and weakness

    • Three kinds of egos - 

      • Complier 

      • Protector

      • Controller

    • It’s all about the balance for us to show our best selves.

  • Crafting better responses

    • Everything moves fast nowadays, so we have to stop and slow down before reacting.

    • Acquire clarity and become aware of your thoughts first. From there, empathize and rise above the situation.


[11:19] Unleashing Your Best Self through Ego Management

  • Realizing our triggers

    • Slow the conversation down instead of letting bad behavior pass. Give the benefit of the doubt.

      • Applies in all kinds of relationships

  • When does ego show up?

    • Depending on the kind of ego displayed, actions likely become unintentional then it leads to miscommunication.

    • Recognize your behavior and refrain from surface-level blame. Be intentional.


[20:04] Final Thoughts  

  • Realize that you can change your story and that you can be better.

  • Connect with Christie (Links Below) 


Key Quotes:


“It [being controlling] doesn't make that intention or these bad behaviors bad. It’s just that the unintentional actions that have consequences aren't supporting leadership.” - Christie Garcia


“The number one way to manage your ego is self-awareness and ownership. You can't control it unless you understand it and you know about it.” - Christie Garcia


“It is that balance of ‘What is that mindset that can allow all of us to just show up and be ourselves?’ I mean, that's really when it comes to - Our best self speaks truth with authenticity and integrity.” - Christie Garcia


Connect with Christie 

Websites:  www.mindfulchoiceacademy.com


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christiegarcia/ 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/mindfulchoice 


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