13 November 2022

Season 3, Episode 23. Innovation in Start-ups with Shea Gerhardt

Welcome to Innovation Meets Leadership! I’m your host, Natalie Born. In this episode, we welcome Shea Gerhardt. Shea talks about how to develop an effective product that could compete with the bigger players in the market. She reiterates the importance of focusing on the customer needs and being a solution to a problem and that product development never stops.


Shea Gerhardt is the Founder and CEO of Buderflys Technologies, Inc. Prior to Buderflys Tech, Inc – she spent nearly two decades in executive roles in the mobile, gaming, and music industries. Having worked with major music labels, including Universal, Sony, EMI, and Warner Bros., as well as some of the world’s largest mobile wireless companies, including VZW, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Vodafone, Shea built her career on the ability to develop a clear and focused path to cutting through the noise in crowded and stale industries and growing business where user-centric products are king. 


[00:19] A Brilliant Product Built Out of Need

  • Shea talks about her background and how she came up with the idea for their product

  • Knowing the pain points and coming up with a solution is how we can develop a successful product

  • Make sure you have a big enough market and find the opportunities

[05:46] It’s Not About What You Want, It’s About What the Customer Wants

  • The technology behind Burderflys

  • What gave Shea the courage to get the product out of the market

  • The competition is tough with the big market players but if people like your product they will buy it

  • How to turn a vision into reality

    • Find a good team

    • Be 100% consumer-centric

    • Do everything based on the feedback 

  • Prior to accepting investor funding, Shea took steps to ensure that everything was planned out and assessed their financial situation

[16:35] Designing A Future-Ready Product

  • Earbuds will be one of the most needed devices for communication in the coming years

    • How Shea and her team are incorporating AI in their product 

  • Develop the product based on the consumer needs but also taking into consideration where the industry is heading

[20:24]  Closing Segment

  • Final thoughts from Shea

  • Connect with Shea!


Key Quotes:

“I also had to find people who knew what they were doing. That took a long time. But I have an incredible team that is so much smarter than I am in that regard. And they are on this journey with me.” - Shea Gerhardt


“I love entrepreneurial businesses where you're always trying to think differently, always thinking out of the box.” - Shea Gerhardt 


“Before I took any outside capital, we knew we could grow this business and we could be successful for both our investors and for our customers.” - Shea Gerhardt 


“Make sure you have an audience and that you can actually sell what you're building. It takes all the guts in the world and it takes all the courage and then to get it to the market, you have to be a little bit crazy.” - Shea Gerhardt 


Connect with Shea 

Website: https://buderflys.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shea-gerhardt-21a4b45Twitter: @buderflys


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