29 January 2023

Season 3, Episode 28. The Cure for Not Invented Here Syndrome with Sohail Abbasi

“The more people you have thinking about the problem you're trying to solve, the further you're going to get as an organization.” 


Are you adapting to digital transformation and continuous change?In this episode, Sohail Abbasi, the VP of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Hamava Innovation Factory, discusses how to overcome the not invented here syndrome - a tendency to avoid using or buying products research, or knowledge from external sources - and how organizations can leverage outside processes and resources to innovate and create value. Tune in and discover why embracing open source is essential for business growth and success!


Key Highlights:


[00:01 - 06:57] Unlocking Innovation Through Diversity and Disruption

• Sohail's background and story

  • An experienced outcome-driven leader who specializes in innovation

• How the "Not Invented Here Syndrome" kills innovation

• Diversity is key to overcoming cognitive biases and encouraging innovation


[06:58 - 13:35] Exploring Open Innovation to Mitigate Risk in Large Organizations

• Why the Not Invented Here Syndrome is a barrier to open innovation

• How open innovation allows companies to take advantage of other inventions and researchers

  • Allowing people to come in with their ideas and use their ideas in products

• How leveraging open source for new innovations can help mitigate risk


[13:36 - 20:14] How to Transform an Organization Through Open Innovation

• Why cost is an important factor for leadership when considering open-source technology

• Open innovation requires a mindset shift and breaking down silos

  • How pride can get in the way of people doing their best work

• Transformations require knowledge from outside the organization


[20:15 - 23:24] Closing Segment

• Work with people outside your company to bring different perspectives into meetings

• How zero gravity thinkers can tell the truth and help cure the syndrome


Key Quotes:


"Diversity basically is one of the key things contributing to innovation." - Sohail Abbasi


"We don't transform by our own group think we transform by other ideas and other thoughts by expanding our knowledge and ability. That's how we transform." - Natalie Born


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