12 February 2023

Season 3, Episode 29. The First 100 days with Marc Reifenrath

“A lot of skillsets you can teach, but the culture you can't.” - Marc Reifenrath


Is a company’s culture critical to achieving and maintaining success? In this episode, the CEO of Spinutech, Marc Reifenrath encourages leaders to invest more time in building culture and core values for better retention and growth. He breaks down key strategies for onboarding new team members, creating an environment of trust, and understanding the importance of cultural alignment between clients and employees. Tune in now to learn how culture can be used to hire and retain top talent!


Marc has seen Spinutech grow from a college start-up to one of the premier full-service digital marketing agencies in the country. He would be the first to tell you that Spinutech would not be what it is today without a team of people who are as invested in each other’s growth and success as they are in delivering the best for their clients. 


Key Highlights:


[00:01 - 05:40] 10 Years of Zero Turnover

• Why company culture is critical to achieving and maintaining success

  • A "family atmosphere" and a "comradery of being an underdog"

• Transparency between leaders and team members is crucial

• One of Spinutech's core values - They win and lose together


[05:41 - 11:09] How Spinutech's First 100 Days Shape Employee and Organization Experiences

• Why Marc's hiring philosophy and principles focus on culture fit first

  • Core values and culture should be injected into new team members within the first 100 days

• How trust and transparency are essential for giving feedback

• Attracting and retaining talent is difficult in the current economy


[11:10 - 16:55] How Core Values Helped build a Successful Business

• Work-life balance should be emphasized to new team members

• Why a two-way interview process is key

  • Ensure cultural alignment and core values are similar

• Fire employees and clients if they become misaligned with company culture


[16:55 - 22:24] Closing Segment

• How remote work has enabled the Spinutech's team to hire the best people

• Leaders should invest more time in culture and core values


Key Quotes:


"You just gotta capitalize on every learning opportunity, whether it came from a great situation or a bad situation." - Marc Reifenrath


"Job descriptions aren't restrictions.." - Marc Reifenrath


Connect with Marc


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcreifenrath/

Website: https://www.spinutech.com/ 


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