26 March 2023

Season 3, Episode 32. Outcome Based Innovation with Stefan Debois

“It's not only listening to the customer. It's really taking action, being proactive to talk to your customers, inviting them for specific interviews where the agenda is really to talk about their needs. That is really important for innovation”. – Stefan Debois


In this episode of the podcast, Innovation Meets Leadership host Natalie Born invites Stefan Debois, the founder, and CEO of Pointer Pro, an assessment software platform that helps professional services companies automate their advisory processes. Together, they discuss how to optimize consulting strategies, leverage skills and outsource tasks to subcontractors, democratize knowledge and access free information on the internet, utilize an advice engine to provide relevant recommendations to clients and use a structured methodology like Jobs to be Done to understand customer needs and translate them into successful products or services.


Listeners will gain insight on how to efficiently charge for outcomes instead of time in order to incentivize efficiency improvements and encourage innovation from consultants. Tune in to this engaging conversation between two real innovators as they discuss the importance of listening to customers, taking action, and asking specific questions.


Stefan Debois is the founder and CEO of Pointerpro, an assessment software platform that helps professional services companies to automate their advisory processes. Stefan is passionate about the use of technology to build professional relationships with people, at scale.


00:00 - 14:10] Outcome-Based Innovation

• Stefan Debois is the founder and CEO of Pointerpro.

• Pointer Pro is an assessment software platform that helps automate advisory processes for professional services companies.

• Pointer Pro shifted its focus to assessments and personalized advisory reports in 2019.

• The company helps digitize advisory processes for professional service companies and enables them to scale their business faster.

• Stefan proposes that outcome-based business models, where clients are charged for results rather than hours or days, are better for both consultants and clients.


[14:10 - 18:48] The Importance of Customer Feedback in Innovation

• Stefan and his team started incorporating advice reports into their survey tool after customers requested it.

• After receiving feedback from multiple customers, the team decided to build a tool that incorporated all the necessary components.

• Interconnectedness with clients and customers is essential in innovation.

• Recognizing patterns is crucial in innovation.


[19:24 - 23:28] The Value of Structured Conversations

• Structured conversations help to understand the problem that customers are trying to solve.

• Having a structured conversation with customers can lead to a better understanding of the task that needs to be done.

• Creating a structured conversation can help in creating a framework to understand the needs of customers.

• A performance model is necessary to measure where customers are in the maturity ladder.


Key Quotes:

"Don't charge for time, charge for value.” – Stefan Debois

Connect with Stefan

LinkedIn: https://be.linkedin.com/in/stefandebois

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sde77


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