09 April 2023

Season 3, Episode 33. Peace over Performance for Innovation with Amy Balog

"Our peace self in us knows that we are always loved, always learning. It's always a constant". – Amy Balog


Looking to unlock your true potential as an innovator or leader? In this podcast episode, Innovation Meets Leadership host Natalie Born talks to Amy Balog about the concept of 'peace over performance': how inner peace can be the catalyst for true and lasting success. Amy explains how this paradigm shift can help innovators and leaders alike by establishing a secure self-identity and understanding that failure isn't a reflection of one's worth. Through this conversation, you will gain insights into creating a feedback loop to recognize and manage risk, as well as learn practical tips on being open to learning, owning up to mistakes, and telling a powerful story. With these tools, you can harness your power and use it for innovation.


Amy Balog is a senior executive coach, facilitator, writer, and speaker. With 15 years of coaching experience, she helps global leaders discover their peaceful selves and grounding identities to achieve peak performance. Amy challenges the paradigm that peace and performance are mutually exclusive and instead advocates for their powerful duet. She developed the Peace Over Performance journey to combat self-limiting narratives and self-rejection in leaders.


[00:00 - 15:07] Peace Over Performance and Fueling Innovation

  • Amy is passionate about peace and believes it is the proper fuel for performance.

  • Amy discusses the idea of peace over performance and its relevance to innovation.

  • Performance is a dominant feature of our high-performance-driven world, measured in multiple ways.

  • To implement peace over performance, we need to redefine our understanding of what it means to be successful.

[15:07 - 20:04] Acknowledging the Learning Curve and Admitting Risks

  • Amy talks about why permitting ourselves to learn and acknowledging the learning curve is important.

  • Risk-taking is crucial to personal and business growth.

  • Vulnerability is critical in taking risks, and it is crucial to be comfortable talking about risk and the risks involved.

  • A powerful story must be told about what is happening and where it is leading, and it is essential to manage risk.


[20:04 - 26:56] Feedback Loops and The Imposter Syndrome

  • Feedback loops are crucial in the performance self to prevent getting trapped in imposter syndrome thinking.

  • Imposter syndrome can lead to pretending to know everything and not talking about risks.

  • Asking for feedback is essential in creating feedback loops to avoid imposter syndrome thinking.

  • The peaceful self is characterized by constantly learning, being worthy, and being love-based rather than ego-based.


Key Quotes:

"Peace is the true fuel to performance." – Amy Balog.

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