21 May 2023

Season 3, Episode 36. Unlock Your Highest Potential with Randi Roberts

"It's possible to achieve both fulfilling career and happy life, and it's what I want for people. So, go for it. You deserve it." – Randi Roberts


In this podcast episode, Innovation Meets Leadership host Natalie Born interviews executive and career life coach Randi Roberts. Randi shares her journey from corporate to coaching, emphasizing the importance of introspection and self-awareness in personal development. The conversation centers on the benefits of coaching in navigating career challenges and personal growth, with both speakers sharing personal experiences. You will gain insights into using an eight-pillar tool for self-assessment and the importance of culture, feedback, and vulnerability in personal development. The episode concludes by Randi encouraging you to seek formal and informal coaching relationships to aid their growth and achieve career satisfaction.


Randi Roberts, MBA, PCC, is an Executive and Career-Life Coach, President of Corlin Roberts Coaching, LLC, and founder of the Fulfilling Career, Happy Life community. With 30+ years of successful experience as a Pharmaceutical Executive and two businesses of her own, Randi helps people achieve their career goals while exploring new possibilities that truly fit their framework. She skillfully combines business leadership experience with exceptional coaching skills. 


[00:00 - 11:52] Unlock Your Highest Potential

  • Randi transitioned from a corporate background into coaching after receiving support from executive coaches herself

  • She encourages introspection and self-awareness in her clients to learn from past mistakes and handle situations better in the future

  • Coaching can help people who feel less motivated in their careers or are experiencing a shift in their priorities

  • Coaches ask powerful questions and help surface blind spots, which can be difficult to do on your own


[11:52 - 26:47] Navigating Career Changes and Finding Fulfillment

  • Randi discusses how to approach a career change for those feeling unfulfilled in their current work.

  • Randi offers a tool based on eight pillars of career satisfaction to assess one's current situation.

  • It is important to ask hard questions and be vulnerable in order to identify deficiencies and strengths in one's career.

  • Companies that take away flexibility risk losing key employees, especially younger ones who value networking opportunities.


Key Quotes:


"Look at experiences as an opportunity to learn and grow. Mine them for all the knowledge you can, but always ask yourself: What can I do differently next time? How can I handle this situation in a bigger, better, and more productive way?” – Randi Roberts


Connect with Randi

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/randirobertscrc

Check out Randi Roberts Coaching at https://www.corlinroberts.net/


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