27 February 2022

Season 3, Episode 5. The 4 Question Go-To-Market Framework with Sangram Vajre

Welcome to Innovation Meets Leadership! I’m your host, Natalie Born. In this episode, Sangram Vajre from Season 1 is back! He discusses what the go-to-market means and why low retention rates translate to the death of organizations. He expounds on the four leaky buckets to consider when solving the common problems businesses face.


Bestselling author Sangram Vajre co-founded Terminus in 2014 and ever since has been teaching the business of marketing with his signature frameworks. He’s an international keynote speaker, was named one of the top twenty-one B2B marketing influencers in the world, and is the host of a top-fifty business podcast called FlipMyFunnel. Bryan Brown is Chief Strategy Officer at Terminus and a SaaS visionary in the marketing and sales tech industry. From co-founder to scale with multiple exits, he has envisioned and brought to market software that has shaped the way thousands of businesses grow and communicate with their customers. All resources, templates, scorecards, and frameworks from this book can be found on www.themovebook.com.


[00:44] Embracing our Business Journey by Exploring the Go-To-Market

  • Sangram Vajre is back!
  • Embracing our journey
    • This is embracing our failures and that we do not have everything figured out.
      • The burning passion inside of us
  • The Valley of Death hurdle
    • According to research, the reason for this is not understanding the go-to-market process including -
      • Defining it for the business
      • Analyzing the problem
      • Recognizing telltale signs of success or failure


[06:18] How Retention Rate Translates to the Company Valuation

  • Defining go-to-market
    • The three things a CEO owns are (1) the company vision, (2) responsibility of building the culture, and (3) the go-to-market
  • The four areas to consider
    • These are the four leaky buckets to focus on -
      • Marketing and sales
      • Sales and customer success
      • Customer ROI
      • Lack of product scalability
    • Not having retention means the death of the business.


[14:44] Solving the Problem by Targeting the Retention Angle

  • Conversations with different businesses
    • The talk with different sizes of organizations about go-to-market solutions.
    • Even big companies with millions-dollar revenues can still have a problem market fit.
      • Problem market fit
      • Product market fit
      • Platform market fit
  • Solving the problem
    • What the business perceives as a platform or product may only be a feature.
    • Books are amazing resources for practical strategies to apply.


[24:58] Final Thoughts 

  • It’s okay not to know all the answers. Figure out the stage of your business.
  • Connect with Sangram (Links Below)


Key Quotes:

“If you want to impress people talk about all the good things you have done… But if you want to impact people talk about your failures.” - Sangram Vajre

“If you don't have your retention right, you're going to actually create a much faster way to go and actually die as an organization.” - Sangram Vajre

“You can't solve all of it at one go… Really get into that and say, we're gonna pick this first problem, or the second, or the third.” - Sangram Vajre


Connect with Sangram

Twitter: @sangramvajre

Instagram: @sangramvajre

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sangramvajre/

Terminus Website: https://terminus.com/

Move: Themovebook.com



From Impossible to Inevitable by Aaron Ross


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