24 April 2022

Season 3, Episode 9. Blindspots & Culture with Brad Smith

Welcome to Innovation Meets Leadership! I’m your host, Natalie Born. In this episode, Brad Smith talks about blind spots and how we can better address these issues through self-awareness. Without recognizing our natural tendencies, we tend to refuse proper delegation and thus, lack exponential growth. By understanding ourselves and our capacities to learn, we can stay intentional with what we do.


Brad Smith is the founder and CEO of Stellar Insight Inc. a business growth consulting and coaching company.  Brad has been a chemist, production plant and equipment designer, a business manager, a business consultant, and an executive coach for CEOs and business owners among other things.  He pursues insight and understanding into the convergence of business success, organizational excellence, and the practical actions it takes to consistently achieve significant business growth.  In his words, “Everything is a theory until you experience it and can consciously repeat the experiment.”  He has coached CEOs, business owners, and legislators for organizational growth and excellence for more than twenty years. 


He has worked extensively with a variety of industries. Those companies who commit to the work find the specific results rewarding and significant. His passion is working with ambitious CEOs, business owners and their teams who are committed to their company’s excellence and growth.



[00:34] Thinking For Yourself to Get Rid of Dependence

  • Brad Smith on the catalyst to entrepreneurship
    • His dad believed that teaching your children how to think for themselves is the way to go.
    • Get rid of dependence by learning the skills you need.
      • Know the cause and effect in your life


[03:45] Recognizing Who You Are and Where You Fit

  • Understanding your natural skillset
    • Recognize the natural tendencies that people have to know what they are capable of.
    • If it is outside the natural tendency, it is a blind spot.
  • Better self-awareness for efficiency
    • Write down what you hate about your life. Dig deep and find the cause of the frustration.
    • Listening to your character reflects on how it affects the business.
      • Let go and delegate


[10:56] How Organizations Can Address the Blind Spots

  • Troubleshooting the gaps
    • The common blindspots of companies are delegation and hiring.
  • Crisis and the opportunity it brings
    • When there is pain, step back and look into its purpose.
      • Become intentional
    • Learn to share your different perspectives. Be more connected.
      • Implementing management by walking around
  • Learning from failures
    • Take into account your learning style–some people can only learn from running into brick walls.
    • Go back to your original intent and utilize the power of the brain.


[22:39] Final Thoughts 

  •  Listen, ask questions, be quiet. You don't have all the answers.
  • Connect with Brad (Links Below)


Key Quotes:

“I want people to learn… Once somebody learns something, they're not dependent anymore.” - Brad Smith

“The two different types of people that are necessary to run a company… [are] the visionary and the operations guy…very, very few people that are good at both, okay? But if you're not good at both, go find somebody else to be a partner or an employee that is good at both. So, almost everybody that I talked to has time as a big issue. That means they haven't learned how to let go and delegate.” - Brad Smith

“Average people learn from their experiences and dumb people already know all the answers.” - Brad Smith

“If you're in pain, stop, step back, look at it and say, ‘What's the purpose that I wanted to create that created this instead of what I wanted?’ There's purpose in pain.” - Brad Smith

Connect with Brad

Website: http://www.stellarinsightinc.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brad-smith-7458858/

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