04 June 2023

Season 4, Episode 1. Innovation through Automation with Andrew Cohen

"Automation is not just automation just for automation's sake. Automation has to be meaningful." – Andrew Cohen

In this episode of Innovation Meets Leadership, host Natalie Born talks with Andrew Cohen, the CEO and Managing Partner of Evoke, an award-winning digital transformation company specializing in modern workplace solutions. Andrew discusses how to help small businesses scale through automation and streamlining processes. They explore the benefits of reducing application stacks, connecting technologies, and providing real-time data, as well as the importance of a unified strategy and roadmap when implementing automation in small business environments. Andrew details his career journey from being an athlete to becoming a technology entrepreneur, highlighting the strategic vision he brings to the table. They also discuss how Netsurit offers a range of services to help companies automate traditionally manual efforts such as accounts payable and receivable, HR onboarding, and sales, track their success for accurate ROI guarantees, and ensure executive buy-in for digital transformation initiatives.

Since 1997, Andrew Cohen has been the CEO and Managing Partner at EVOKE, an award-winning Digital Transformation company that partners with their clients to build modern workplace solutions for nearly every common organizational and technological challenge imaginable. In 2019, Andrew launched the EVOKE Engage division, which focuses on automation and streamlining processes. He joined Netsurit at the beginning of 2022, and this now allows Netsurit to provide their clients with guidance and solutions on using technology to maximize ROI.


[00:00 - 12:03] Transformation and Automation

  • In 2019, Andrew launched Evoke Engage Division to help companies maximize their technology investment and streamline processes with automation. 

  • Andrew talks about how automation helps companies stay competitive by allowing them to scale without having to add more staff as they get more customers. 

  • He also discusses the different approaches he takes when working with high-growth engines versus large enterprises.

  • Automation must be meaningful and connect systems together to bring real-time insights and outcomes for companies.


[12:03 - 25:42] Unlocking Innovation Through Data and Collaboration

  • Collaboration, data connectivity, and automation are crucial areas for automation.

  • Creating the right foundation fosters innovation and improves productivity.

  • Innovation opportunities accelerate through teaming up and guiding organizations.

  • Innovation opportunities increase when the organization is in the cloud environment.


Key Quotes:

"Automation has to connect these systems together to bring those real-time insights and outcomes for these companies as they start driving their business decisions going forward.” – Andrew Cohen

Connect with Andrew


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrew-cohen-91945a4

Check out Netsurit Innovate at https://netsurit.com/en-za/netsurit-innovate/


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