05 November 2023

Season 4, Episode 12. Navigation and Discovery with Cameron Singh

"Owning the room means you're not always the first to speak, but you're the first to listen." - Cameron Singh


In this episode, host Natalie Born interviews Cameron Singh, author of the book Navigation and Discovery. They discuss Cameron's background in the aviation industry, his journey to leadership roles at a young age, and his passion for helping others navigate their career paths and reach their potential. Cameron shares how he pursued his dream of working in aviation, starting in entry-level roles and working his way up. He talks about the importance of building relationships in the workplace and creating a culture where ideas can be voiced. Cameron also discusses key concepts from his book, like "owning the room" by listening first, as well as staying open and flexible as your passion and purpose evolve over time.


[00:02 - 00:07] Navigating a Career in Aviation 

  • How Cameron grew up passionate about aviation and got experience in entry-level roles

  • Why Cameron valued a workplace culture where he could voice ideas without fear

  • How Cameron tried new ideas and learned from failures along the way

  • The importance of building relationships and credibility before voicing suggestions


[00:10 - 00:15] Owning Your Voice as a Leader 

  • Owning the room is about listening first, then speaking with intent

  • The power of being the last to speak and synthesizing other perspectives

  • How Cameron transitioned into leadership coaching to help others find their voice


[00:15 - 00:20] Embracing the Journey of Self-Discovery 

  • Guiding those figuring out their passion and purpose

  • Being flexible as calling and fulfillment evolve over time

  • Not letting circumstances define your trajectory


Key Quote:


"Don't let your circumstances define the trajectory of your life" - Cameron Singh


Connect with Cameron


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cameronsingh/

Check out his new book: https://www.cameronsingh.com/


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