18 February 2024

Season 4, Episode 19. The Power of Pay Equality with Sally Loftis

How can organizations create a more equitable pay structure and what impact does this have on innovation and business success?


In this insightful episode, host Natalie Born engages with Sally Loftis, Managing Director at Loftus Partners. They delve into the intricate relationship between human resources strategy and business innovation, focusing on the pivotal role of pay equity in fostering a thriving, innovative workplace. Sally shares her extensive expertise in human resources, emphasizing how addressing pay justice and equity can drive positive change in organizational culture and performance.


Sally Loftis is the daughter of teachers, innovators, and visionaries who taught her from a young age to deeply listen to everyone in her circle of influence. Starting with activism in high school, Sally volunteered and worked in spaces so that all people feel seen, heard, and represented in her work. Sally is the Managing Director at Loftis Partners, a 100% woman-owned human

resources consulting firm located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

Loftis Partners specializes in strategy, people, facilitation, and pay justice. Since launching in August 2020, Sally and her firm have worked with 54 clients across 3 continents.


(00:00 - 04:59) The Journey to HR and Business Strategy 

  • Sally's extensive background in human resources.

  • The evolution of HR beyond traditional roles.

  • The critical role of strategic HR in business success.

(05:00 - 09:59) Unpacking Pay Equity and Justice 

  • Definition and importance of pay equity.

  • Challenges in achieving pay justice.

  • The impact of wage stagnation and cost of living adjustments.

(10:00 - 13:59) Overcoming Systemic Barriers to Pay Equity 

  • Strategies for addressing systemic issues in pay structures.

  • The role of leadership in fostering pay equity.

  • Insights into innovative practices in pay equity.

 (14:00 - 17:59) The Relationship Between Pay and Workplace Innovation

  • How pay impacts employee innovation and motivation.

  • The connection between financial security and creative thinking.

  • Strategies for organizations to encourage innovation through equitable pay.

(18:00 - 21:59) Actionable Steps Towards Pay Equity 

  • Practical steps for organizations to achieve pay equity.

  • The importance of transparent and fair pay practices.

  • Future directions and challenges in pay equity.


"It's hard to be innovative when you're fearful if you can pay your bills or not." - Sally Loftis

"If I take this risk with this innovative idea and it doesn't work, does that mean I'm going to have a job on the other end?" - Sally Loftis


Connect with Sally:

Website: https://www.loftispartners.com/


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