03 June 2024

Season 4, Episode 26. The Benefits of Remote Work with Sean Campbell

Can remote work revolutionize the way we balance our personal and professional lives, leading to happier, more productive employees and a more diverse workforce?


In this episode of the Innovation Meets Leadership podcast, host Natalie Born sits down with Sean Campbell, founder of Cascade Insights, a virtual professional services firm. With over 20 years of experience running remote companies, Sean shares his insights on the benefits and challenges of remote work, as well as practical tips for managing and onboarding remote teams. From the cost savings and diversity of perspectives to the positive impact on family life and the environment, Sean passionately advocates for the advantages of remote work. He also emphasizes the importance of having a single source of truth, focusing on principles over process, and fostering a culture where employees feel comfortable asking for help when needed.


Sean Campbell has been training, mentoring, and educating all his life. An exceptionally well- regarded conference speaker and author, Sean has delivered talks for Fortune 50 companies and top-tier conferences. He has also been the author of several books on technical as well as business topics. Sean has also been the owner of a virtual professional services firm for over 20 years – long before it was cool to be virtual. His professional services experiences span consulting engagements with the Fortune 50 and successful startups, the sale of his first professional services company, and the growth of delivery, sales, marketing, and operational practices inside professional services firms.

In short, Sean brings a wealth of knowledge when it comes to surviving and thriving as a virtual professional service firm owner and as the leader of a practice area inside a larger services firm.


00:00:00 - 00:06:00 | The Journey to Remote: Sean's Entrepreneurial Path

- Sean has owned two predominantly remote businesses over the past 24 years

- Remote work was a huge negative in 1999, but Sean saw the benefits early on

- The cost and commitment of office spaces can be a significant burden for businesses


00:06:00 - 00:13:00 | The Remote Advantage: Talent, Family, and Diversity

- Remote work allows companies to draw talent from anywhere

- Sean is passionate about the positive impact remote work can have on family life

- Remote teams benefit from a diversity of perspectives from different regions and backgrounds


00:13:00 - 00:21:00 | The Remote Reality: Presence, Communication, and Onboarding

- Presence is key in a child's life, and remote work allows for more family time

- Managers were not trained to manage remote teams during the pandemic

- Having a single source of truth and investing in it over time is crucial for remote onboarding


00:21:00 - 00:25:00 | Principles Over Process: Navigating the Remote Landscape

- Principles help guide employees when processes fall short in remote work

- Employees must feel comfortable showing their ignorance and asking for help

- Written communication skills and virtual public speaking skills are essential in remote companies


00:25:00 - 00:29:00 | Embracing the Remote Future: Tips and Insights

- Hiding self-view on video calls can help alleviate the discomfort of watching oneself communicate

- Training and support are crucial for employees transitioning from in-person to remote work

- The benefits of remote work are numerous, and companies that embrace it may outperform those that don't



"I'm almost missional about the positive impact I feel I can create on the family life of the people that work for me by allowing them to be remote." - Sean Campbell

"There's nothing in our history as humans that has led us to watch ourselves while we communicate." - Sean Campbell


Connect with Sean:

Website: https://www.cascadeinsights.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/seancampbell/


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