30 July 2023

Season 4, Episode 5. Your Leadership Toolbox with Clint Ladine

" A realistic outlook will keep you moving toward your desired future. A limiting belief will prevent you from moving forward.” – Dr. Clint Ladine


In this episode of Innovation Meets Leadership, host Natalie Born engages in a captivating conversation with Dr. Clint Ladine, a leadership success coach and former professional basketball player. They explore the power of coaching, emphasizing the transformative impact of active listening and reframing limiting beliefs. Dr. Ladine highlights the importance of empowering others and creating a culture of trust to unlock leadership potential. Dr. Ladine delves into the significance of belief systems, distinguishing between a realistic outlook and limiting beliefs. He underscores the lifelong journey of coaching and the value of having a coach to navigate professional challenges and achieve desired goals. Throughout the episode, Natalie and Dr. Ladine discuss the transformative power of coaching, the art of active listening, overcoming limiting beliefs, unlocking potential, and the impact on organizational success. 


Dr. Clint Ladine, a former basketball player turned leadership coach, is on a mission to empower leaders through effective coaching. He distinguishes between bad and good coaches, emphasizing unlocking potential and nurturing abilities. His book, "Power Coaching," is essential for optimizing leadership skills. As the owner of Successfully Coaching, he helps leaders overcome obstacles for success. Featured on Fox, CBS, ABC, and NBC, Dr. Ladine's expertise is widely recognized. Inspired by his transformative coaching experience, he pursued a doctoral program, becoming a sought-after writer, author, and speaker on Leadership Coaching.


[00:00 - 12:03] Unleashing your Leadership Potential

  • Dr. Ladine transformed his leadership capacity through coaching and realized the importance of developing those around him.

  • Coaching is valuable for leaders at any stage of their journey, as even experienced professionals like Dr. Ladine continue to benefit from it.

  • A good coach focuses on developing their team and their professional growth, while a bad coach is self-absorbed and only concerned with outcomes.

  • Coaches help leaders identify blind spots, reframe obstacles, and overcome limiting beliefs, leading to improved performance and organizational transformation.

  • Ego can hinder effective leadership, and coaches help leaders recognize and move past their ego to better serve their teams.


[12:04 - 21:28] Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Cultivating Growth

  • A realistic outlook keeps you moving forward towards your desired future, while limiting beliefs hinder progress.

  • Identify and challenge limiting beliefs by exploring alternative possibilities and gaining relevant experience along the way.

  • Asking powerful questions can lead to self-discovery and clarity in decision-making.

  • Coaches provide valuable support by helping individuals overcome limiting beliefs, instilling confidence, and achieving their goals.

  • Continuous growth, development, and investment in others lead to personal and organizational success.


Key Quote:

"When you think about it, in your life, very few times have you had somebody just listen without giving advice. Try asking questions and see people light up, saying, 'Nobody's ever asked me that before. What a great question...' "– Dr. Clint Ladine

Connect with Dr. Clint Ladine


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/clintladine

Check out Successfully Coaching at https://www.successfullycoaching.com/


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