25 September 2023

Season 4, Episode 9. Leading Innovation with Empathy with Shane Mishler 

"Focus on the strengths of your partnerships, of your relationships, and then work to build this up. And while you're doing that, I promise you, you will find ways to be innovative.” - Shane Mishler


Navigating chaos, identifying unique opportunities, and igniting innovation: Shane Mishler, Chief Operating Officer of SD Tech, shares insights on transforming challenges into opportunities and creating a positive culture. In this episode, Shane reveals how his journey across diverse industries shaped his approach to leadership, allowing him to manage chaos and diverse personalities effectively. He discusses an innovative approach to identifying and addressing client pain points, exemplifying the power of empathetic listening. Shane also shares how he applies the same philosophy within his organization, fostering a culture of inclusivity and collaboration. He highlights the importance of leveraging relationships for growth and innovation, both in personal and professional contexts. Discover how to turn challenges into strengths, focus on partnerships, and ignite innovation within your sphere of influence


Shane Mishler is the Chief Operating Officer for SD Tech. Shane oversees the daily operations of the company. He partners with the owner to design and implement business strategies, plans, and processes. Shane is actively involved in all of the company’s investments, clients, strategic franchise partners, and expansion activities. During his tenure, the company’s revenue has more than tripled, and their active client list includes over 200 companies.


[00:00 - 12:31] From Chaos to Symphony

  • Shane's diverse experience and upbringing foster his ability to manage and organize chaos in various sectors.

  • Companies face challenges promoting internally for unique roles, especially when requiring specialized skills.

  • Building strong client relationships involves understanding their unique pain points and providing tailored solutions.


[12:32 - 28:05] Beyond Words: Innovating by Listening

  • The importance of listening extends to hearing what's unsaid as much as what's spoken.

  • Embracing diversity drives innovation and strengthens organizational core.

  • Leveraging genuine relationships promotes transparency, fosters strengths, and spurs innovation.


Key Quote:

"If we can be open and honest and transparent with the individuals around us and with ourselves, then we can identify what our strengths and our opportunities are significantly quicker." - Shane Mishler

Connect with Shane Mishler


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shane-mishler-23678327

Check out his webpage at: https://www.sd-tech.net/

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